POLSCI 191: First Year Seminar, Fall 2015

“She put a lot of interest into what students say/present/ask and questions our process. Outside sources were great. Ridiculously helpful.”

“The guest speakers/presentations were extremely enjoyable and helpful. Rebecca’s knowledge and experience also reaffirmed this knowledge.”

POLSCI 181: Controversies in Public Policy RAP, Spring 2014

“I liked the use of time and changed format of each day. The [instructor] sparked interest in the subject and made me think deeper. The format allowed everyone to have their opinions voiced.”

“I liked the diversity of topics covered. I also liked having one day of discussion and one day of lecture- it made the class more enjoyable. Rebecca is a great instructor. She always tries her best to accommodate students when they need help and is a fair instructor.”

POLSCI 308: Public Opinion, Fall 2015

“Rebecca was a good lecturer and explained the important course material well. I liked that the discussion section was more about going over the material in an organized way rather than just ‘discussing’ it.”

“I like how the more complex material was broken down to simple explanations. At first I was concerned that the information would be overwhelming, but due to the instructor I was not only able to understand, but apply the information to my own life. I gained interest in the subject which I did not really expect.”

“I think Rebecca takes discussion very seriously as an opportunity for students to hash out difficult concepts and ideas until they make sense and it’s helpful as a non-polisci student.”

“Loved coming to discussion! Rebecca was helpful, cleared up points of confusion, and always engaged. Felt encouraged and safe to share my opinions.”

POLSCI 181: Controversies in Public Policy, Fall 2014

“Rebecca always has a positive attitude and engages us in discussion. She has a very good, organized way of reviewing class material which is very helpful. She is very approachable and it is obvious she cares a lot.”

“The thing I liked best about this course is the interactive debates and Ms. Lisi was wonderful at preparing us to engage in these debates by helping us understand the material.”

“I enjoy most about the course that there [are] real life examples given and the instructor is always engaged and enjoys teaching this subject.”

POLSCI 101, American Politics, Spring 2012

“Fantastic teaching assistant! I learned more in discussion than I did in lecture. Professor’s notes were unclear and incomplete, but Rebecca expands on the class notes and reorganized them to better understand.”

“She always stimulated discussion and went over any confusing topics from class with patience. A big reason for why I’ve done well in this course is because I had such an engaging TA!”